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Meet the team

A full stack of nerds!
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    Jonha Doe

    Yap. the Boss!

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    João Garcia

    Senior Developer

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    Paulo Moreira

    Senior Designer

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    Nina Soraia

    Communication & Marketing

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    Hopty Bull


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    Maria Shaptrov

    Help & Support Team

We Believe in
Quality Design

Clients Feedback

  • Jeetu
  • Kapil sharma
  • Baldev Chaudhary
  • Ambikesh Shukla
  • Bhupendra Nehra
What I like about Stylox is that the clothes are affordable yet stylish. They have a wide selection of clothing that is easy to shop for. Jeetu
"I was looking for a manufacturing firm who do white labelling in quality clothes. So I can make my own fashion label. I came across AM Apparels. The quality of the clothes is great and the service is perfect. "Kapil sharma
.I love the Stylox franchise because they take the time to explain to me about retail business. They explain to me what I need to do in order to become a successful franchisee. Baldev Chaudhary
Stylox offers so much more than just a franchise. They offer support and business training to help you succeed. Ambikesh Shukla
I was looking for a company that had a good reputation for manufacturing clothing for different brands. I found AM Apparels, which is a well-established company that is known for producing quality clothes. Bhupendra Nehra